Forte Freehold Management are specialists in lease

enforcement and ground rent collection.

About Forte

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Forte Freehold Management Limited is one of the UK’s only specialist management agencies focusing exclusively on efficient ground rent collection and lease enforcement.


With extensive experience in this highly specialised sector, Forte firmly believe that only by distinguishing between the non-contentious collection of ground rent, insurance rent and lease enforcement can clients’ best interests be served.

We act for a variety of landlords who own a wide range of commercial and residential freeholds throughout the UK.

It is the case in the UK that most leases render leaseholders responsible for covering their landlord's reasonable costs in collection of ground rent and enforcement of tenant covenants.  

Forte Freehold Management Limited act on behalf of a variety of clients, ranging from institutional investment clients who, for reasons of commercial necessity, seek rigid enforcement of lease covenants and strict credit control, through to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), who typically give us a mandate to adopt a less rigid enforcement methodology, particularly when dealing with more vulnerable leaseholders, and we can tailor our credit control procedures to suit your approach.

Our unprecedented service levels stem from the fact that we collect ground rent separately to service charge, ensuring efficient collection of non-contentious moneys owed. By separating ground rent and insurance rent from service charge, where the lease allows, we are able to recover rent charges in a much more efficient and timely manner, thus meeting the cash flow requirements of our clients and providing a much more successful service.

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