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Customer Service Commitment & Standards


At Forte we understand that our main priority is to service the bespoke requirements of each and every client and to honour the duty of care we owe to leaseholders at all times.

 Customer Care

  • We keep on top of evolving legislation at all times.
  • Our in-house solicitors ensure all processes are managed in accordance with current legislation and professional guidelines.
  • Accounting standards - our in-house chartered accountants ensure all reports provided to clients are in a format stipulated by them and are in accordance with accepted financial reporting standards.
  • We ensure that any moneys collected are held in designated client accounts.
  • We carry full professional indemnity insurance to a limit of £5,000,000.
  • We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the purposes of collecting insurance premiums.
  • The terms of our engagement are formalised in a bespoke contract drafted by Forte Freehold Management solicitors and approved by each given client or their solicitors.


At Forte Freehold Management Limited we appreciate it is essential to tailor each service to every client's bespoke requirements. We understand our wide range of clients have different needs when it comes to ground rent collection and we build a package to suit.

Service priorities for each audience are discussed in the following matrix:

Service Priorities:

Scale 1 is the most important | Scale 5 is the least important

Efficient collection of ground rent & insurance rent Robust credit control Prompt & comprehensive reporting & accounting Pastoral approach to leaseholder engagement Rigid enforcement of lease covenance
Ground Rent Investment Companies 1 2 4 5 3
Institutional Investors 2 3 1 5 4
Developers 1 4 2 3 5
Housebuilders 1 4 3 2 5
Residents Management Companies 3 4 5 1 2
Local Authority 4 5 2 1 3
Residential Social Landlords & Housing Authority 4 5 2 1 3

When working with any specific client initial discussions based on the information above take place and a fee basis is structured according to each client's priorities.

How costs are recovered from defaulting leaseholders according to client type.

The graph below gives an indication of how Forte Freehold Management may be instructed by a given client to recover costs and generate fees. A fee basis is discussed and agreed with each client on instruction by instruction basis and formalised in our service level agreement.

Indicative Fee Basis

Client Type % of fees received by costs recovered from defaulting leaseholders % paid as fixed management fee direct from client
Ground Rent Investment Companies 100% 0%
Institutional Investors 90% 10%
Developers 80% 20%
Housebuilders 70% 30%
Residents' Management Companies 50% 50%
Local Authority 30% 70%
Residential Social Landlords & Housing Association 10% 90%


As we are unburdened by more contentious elements of collection, such as service charge collection, we are able to ensure extremely efficient levels of ground rent and insurance rent collection.

The following graph shows consolidated accumulation of ground rent:

Cumulative % of ground rent collected 2015

Cumulative % of ground rent collected 2014

Efficiency of collection is often one of the key performance indicators stipulated by our clients. In 2014 49% of ground rent was collected before the due date and a cumulative figure of 82% was collected within the first month of the year.

Cumulative % of ground rent collected 2013

Cumulative % of ground rent collected 2013


Customer Care 2

Forte Freehold Management Limited utilise industry leading property management software, provided by Qube and recognised as the most advanced IT system in this field.

We are often able to integrate Qube with our clients' own accounting software to ensure an efficient and seamless interface when reporting to landlords. In addition, Forte operates using the latest document and data management technology.

All data is stored in a secure environment and a comprehensive disaster recovery system is in place to allow the organisation to continue to function in the event of IT issues.

All data is replicated to a secondary, high security, ISO compliant data centre allowing for smooth transition and ensuring the business is protected against failure issues.

All office IT equipment is encoded with password protection as standard.

We acknowledge that Forte deals with confidential data and we always take data protection issues very seriously. We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) and act accordingly with all regulations.

If required, Forte can scan and archive all leases into a secure storage system as part of an archival vault storage covered by our own insurance policy.

We acknowledge it is essential to have electronic copies of leases to hand and we offer this service to all clients. We are also able to store counterpart leases, a service which relieves the burden for many of our clients of holding leases.

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