Top ten homebuyer demands revealed

In a recent survey, property website Lamudi has revealed its list of the ten most important things house-hunters are looking for when choosing a home.

Energy efficiency: As the price of gas and electricity increases, buyers now want reassurance about a home’s energy efficiency.

Storage: An ample amount of storage space has become a high priority, especially built-in storage spaces.

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The latest technology: This can be something as simple as LED lighting or as complicated as automated thermostats.

Security: Features like glass break sensors for windows and doors, and motion-activated lighting for exteriors are in demand.

Open plan living: Homeowners often prefer to combine the kitchen with the dining area.

Modern kitchen: From a simple black-and-white colour palette to state-of-the-art, energy efficient appliances.

Entertainment: Features including game rooms, home theatre systems and outdoor entertainment areas are highly sought after.

Laundry room: A dedicated laundry room is one of the top features of a typical single-family home in 2014.

Smaller homes: Homeowners are now willing to sacrifice space for other key features, such as high-quality appliances and overall energy efficiency, as well as easier upkeep.

Location, location, location: The desire to find a home in an ideal location remains top of mind for most house-hunters.

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