We offer our clients a wide range of collection services including ground rent, insurance rent and enforcement.

Why Choose Forte?

Choose Forte because we are one of the only specialist managing agents in the UK that separate non-contentious services, such as ground rent, insurance rent and lease enforcement, from the more contentious services, such as service charge collection, that agents and surveyors might provide to a landlord.


We believe that ours is a completely different approach to credit control and methodology and one which is required when dealing with non-contentious elements of lease enforcement.

Ground rent and insurance rent are due regardless of any complicating factors relating to, for instance, service charge. All too often, landlords find themselves dangerously exposed as a result of non-payment of ground rent and insurance rent when faced with proper and legitimate disputes in relation to service charge issues.

For this reason, Forte Freehold Management Limited, and its wide ranging portfolio of clients, believe that a service which is designed exclusively on collection of ground rent, insurance rent and enforcement of non-contentious lease covenants is essential to any landlord adhering to the principles of good estate management whilst securing the proper return they are entitled to from their asset.

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