Forte Freehold Management Complaints Procedure

Ensuring you always experience a professional service...

Forte Freehold Management Ltd is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of service to ensure you are satisfied.  If you feel we have fallen short of this standard we have procedures in place to ensure your complaint is dealt with in a courteous and fair manner. 

In order to deal with any complaint, we would ask that, in the first instance, you email the property manager who is responsible for your property portfolio.

If you remain unhappy with the way your complaint has been handled by your property manager then you should set out your complaint in writing to:


The Complaints Manager

Forte Freehold Management Limited

5 Maling Court

Union Street

Newcastle upon Tyne



And/or by email to:


In order to resolve your complaint, we would request that you include the following information: 

  • A summary of your complaint explaining why you feel we have fallen short of our service.
  • What course of action you would prefer to resolve the issue.
  • Include any specific details / documentation that you feel would assist us in resolving your complaint. 


On receipt of a complaint, we will fully investigate the issue(s) you have raised and respond to you accordingly. 

  • We will acknowledge receipt within 2 working days.
  • We will provide a full response within 10 working days.
  • If we are unable to submit a full response within 10 working days we will provide you with a reason why this is not possible and specify an alternative time frame of when a full response can be expected.
  • After our final written response, we may deem the matter closed. If we deem the matter closed we will not enter into any further correspondence with you.


We are members of The Property Redress Scheme.  If you remain unhappy with the response received from us and have exhausted our complaints procedure, you can contact The Property Redress Scheme to ask them to investigate your complaint.  In order to take your complaint to The Property Redress Scheme you must first have carried out the following:

  • You have waited 8 weeks from the date of your written complaint to us for a response; and
  • It is still within 6 months from our last communication with you regarding this complaint 


The Property Redress Scheme is a Government approved Redress Scheme which resolves complaints between members and their consumers.   The complainant must have exhausted the member’s internal complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied with the member’s response.  The Property Redress Scheme is free to use for the complainant. Further information and guidance on how to resolve complaints is available via their website.

In order to make a complaint, please contact The Property Redress Scheme directly or alternatively, visit their website and fill out a Complaints Form.  The Property Redress Scheme contact details are as follows:



By Email:                   


By Post at:


Property Redress Scheme

Premiere House

1st Floor

Elstree Way