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Ground Rent Investment Companies

“Forte offer an ideal solution for ground rent investment companies. We understand the pressures that many clients have to deliver commercial and timely returns and we are able to tailor a collections agreement to suit.”

Diane Fletcher, Forte Freehold Management, Director


We are acutely aware that many ground rent investment companies wish to grow their portfolio of freehold properties but don’t have the expertise or the desire to manage the collection of the ground rents themselves.

Forte offers a unique service to ground rent investment companies who, given the increasing popularity of ground rent investment and the resulting contraction in yields, are coming under ever more pressure to deliver timely returns in line with their forecasts from their ground rent portfolios.  

We can offer such clients a comprehensive lease enforcement and ground rent collection service for a nominal fee, recovering our costs from defaulting leaseholders.

Where a client already has some collection or enforcement capabilities in-house, we can often partner with them, so rebating an element of the costs recovered from defaulting leaseholders to the client.

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