Our team of experts understand the need for institutional investors to deliver timely commercial returns from their investments.

Institutional Investors

“We work with Forte as they offer a professional and efficient business model which delivers high quality results. The Forte team understand the necessity for us to deliver appropriate returns for our clients and tailor their approach to suit our requirements.”

Institutional Fund Manager


Forte Freehold Management offer a unique service to private and institutional investors who, given the increasing popularity of ground rent investment and the resulting contraction in yields, are coming under ever more pressure to deliver timely returns in line with their forecasts from their ground rent portfolios.  

Typically we can offer such clients a comprehensive lease enforcement and ground rent collection service for a nominal fee, recovering our costs from defaulting leaseholders.

Where a client already has some collection or enforcement capabilities in-house, we can often partner with them, so rebating an element of the costs recovered from defaulting leaseholders to the client.

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