We'll deliver a bespoke package to suit your business needs and pastoral objectives.

Local Authority

“Forte Freehold Management can deliver a bespoke package to suit not only the business needs but also, importantly, the pastoral objectives of many clients. We work to agree a balance between responsibility towards leaseholders and commercial pressure of the landlord, and can generate significant cost reductions for the client at the same time.”

Diane Fletcher, Forte Freehold Management, Director

Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are finding themselves under increasing commercial pressure.


The principle of tax payers and RSLs (not for profit or charitable) incurring significant costs in the collection of ground rents from defaulting leaseholders is increasingly being seen as unethical, especially when leases normally oblige leaseholders to cover landlord costs in relation to lease enforcement and ground rent collection. 

Forte work closely with clients to agree a bespoke credit control process that seeks to strike the balance between client concerns over ethics and their reputation whilst achieving significant cost reductions.  

After all, why for example should local tax payers effectively subsidise those who decide not to pay ground rent on a property owned by their Local Authority?  

Typically we can tailor a bespoke service to Local Authority and RSL clients that affords us a mandate to recover an agreed level of costs from defaulting leaseholders with the balance of our costs being paid via a fixed management fee. It is also possible for us to take on accounts and property management staff under TUPE as part of a larger instruction.

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