We manage the collection relationship for RTAs, providing you with an effective and simple collection plan.

Recognised Tenants' Association

“Forte Freehold Management have enabled our RTA to balance the need for efficient collection whilst enabling us to maintain a professional stance as RTA Trustees throughout the ground rent collection process. The relationship has worked very well for us.”

Sharon Bentley, RTA Trustee, Bristol


Directors or trustees of post enfranchisement RTAs are often well advised to continue to collect ground rent from leaseholders (albeit sometimes a reduced amount under a deed of variation that all leaseholders enter into). The ground rent collected post enfranchisement is essential to ensure the long term security and solvency of the RTA.

Forte Freehold Management offer a bespoke service in such scenarios, allowing directors or trustees of RTAs to maintain professional distance from leaseholders, who can be neighbours or acquaintances, who might default on their ground rent payments from time to time. 

Forte carries comprehensive professional indemnity cover and employs experienced estate managers and credit control staff who can provide all advice needed to directors and trustees who are necessarily concerned with potential personal liabilities as well as discharging their duties in a professional manner.  

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