Forte Freehold Management is proud to operate its own 'Leaseholder Charter' promoting responsible ground rent collection.


Forte Freehold Management aim to provide a first class ground rent collection service to our clients at all times. Any leaseholder who pays ground rent due on time under the terms of their lease will not incur any costs. We act strictly in accordance with the conditions contained within a lease to recover ground rents due to our clients.


We are committed to operating with honesty and professionalism and through a dedication to best practice.

As your appointed ground rent collection agent, we will inform you of all obligations to pay ground rent, providing you with notice of rent demands. We will also endeavour to respond to all queries from tenants in writing in an efficient, professional and timely manner.

Our methods of payment will always be well publicised in correspondence and on this website and all notices will be served on leaseholders in strict accordance with current legislation.

Any reasonable email correspondence will be replied to within two working days and any reasonable written correspondence will be replied to within five working days of receipt.

Where your landlord has agreed to cover costs for providing such a service, we will provide a dedicated telephone line which will be manned during office hours and include a voicemail facility, where queries and messages will be replied to within two working days.

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Choose Forte because we are efficient, uncomplicated and professional.

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